"The free office suite the community has been dreaming of for 12 years."

When The Document Foundation was announced in September 2010, we started with a team of long-term contributors with the goal of establishing a project  based of transparent, collaborative, and inclusive ideals. Out of this goal was borneLibreOffice. Since then, LibreOffice has grown into a vast community of contributors, users and supporters who have demonstrated without a doubt, that by applying these ideals, success will follow. In the few years since our infancy, we have been bestowed awards of achievements from the many.

See what the LibreOffice community has achieved ... just imagine how much more we are going to do ...


  • Linux Journal 2011 "Readers' Choice Awards 2011"

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    "Best Office Suite LibreOffice Runner-up: The king has been dethroned! Well, sorta ... The good news for users is that LibreOffice has a large dev crew, and updates and feature enhancements are coming out at a really nice rate. The king is dead; long live the king!"


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  • InfoWorld Bossie Awards 2011


    " desperately needed a rejuvenating shot in the arm, and it's come in the form of the LibreOffice project, a variant of OO.o developed by the Document Foundation ... but what's most important is the accelerated pace of development for the product. The newest features show that much more attention to improving performance and making the product more like ..."


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  • 2011 Members Choice Results

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    Here are the results of the 2011 Members Choice Awards which is held annually. Browse to the 2011 Members Choice Awards "full results" page for a closer look at the comments.


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